Why Will $PBW Token Rise?

There are already hundreds of online stores that want to work with PaybyWEB3. Our marketing efforts continue.
Thousands of transactions will be made every day through PaybyWEB3. 50% of the commissions generated will be used directly as the Buy Back budget. This transaction will take place on a daily basis and reports will be presented to investors. This process is completely automatic.
In addition, an automatic BuyBack will be performed with 50% of the tax income generated in trading.
Marketing efforts will continue without stopping. There will be two different marketing.

1) Marketing for Business

We are committed to expanding our business network. We will work with more businesses. Our goal in 2022 is to complete our integration process with 1000 online stores and receive payment. We will BuyBack with 50% of the commission we earn.

2) Marketing for $PBW Token

We will continue to promote the $PBW token nonstop everywhere. As a result of marketing, we will get new investors. In addition, we will continue to do BuyBack with the commission that will occur in daily transactions.